Gold jewelry unique bright, gorgeous luster so many beautiful women love to put it down, but as long as it is often wear ornaments, the total will inevitably because of the passage of time and gradually cast a layer of bleak dust, gradually lost gold original gorgeous shine want. So that their favorite gold jewelry luster as the only new way is to maintain, then follow the Xiaobian to understand what to ensure that gold knockoff van cleef arpels bracelet to maintain the gorgeous luster of the skills it! Many people will own favorite gold jewelry collection is to want to keep its original gorgeous luster, a long time out after the discovery of things back and forth, gold jewelry not only did not have a bright luster, but also even more bleak. In fact, this is the reason why we are not properly preserved. Gold jewelry should be the correct way to save gold jewelry will be placed in a dry box, it is best to use a clean soft velvet wrapped up to keep the van cleef arpels ring replica surface dry, it will not change color, jewelry is not easy to scratch. The same time as the above- Precious metal is called precious metals, one because it is rare, and second, because of its chemical stability, and these two characteristics of gold also have, so in normal life,replica van cleef arpels Alhambra ring gold jewelry is not easy in the short term because of other items of pollution Lose luster. But gold has a fatal weakness, that is, react with mercury, leaving the gold surface white or white, so everyone in life, it is best not to let gold jewelry contact with mercury-containing substances. The same time as the above- As we all know, the other cause of damage to gold jewelry is the daily life of perfume, cream and other ingredients containing oil and fat and the body's perspiration, so when the maintenance should be noted that when wearing gold jewelry as much as possible Do not come into contact with these items, wear the process should also often go out of the kitchen and other places where oil and gas, often wear gold replica van cleef arpels Magic Alhambra braceletjewelry should be regularly cleaned to keep gold jewelry bright as new. Another point is often overlooked is that the tap water in daily life are generally used to disinfect the bleach, so the water contains more or less chlorine, although the gold jewelry, although not and chlorine reaction, but its unique bleaching The role of gold surface can still make the luster gradually dim, so usually when cleaning gold jewelry is best not to use tap water or soapy water, wash your hands with tap water is also the best time to dry. The same time as the above- How to maintain gold jewelry? Want to keep the gold jewelry luster consistent, then regular cleaning of Van Cleef & Arpels earrings replicagold jewelry, reduce the gold surface of the grease, perspiration and gray layer is the most effective way.