When the decision to choose a good style, the British diamond company how to GIA American Gemological Institute of the standard, to help customers choose the right diamond?

Eric said: The first question we will ask the customer is:van cleef arpels ring Are you buying diamonds for marriage, investment, gifts or tide, or other purposes? By asking these questions and understanding the client's budget, we Will help customers make smart choices.

If the customer is buying for marriage, Eric's suggestion is to look for a diamond with a "perfect visual effect",replica van cleef arpels ring that is, "visual" on the flawless, to do this, you do not need to buy the top of the diamond, Because in general, G color, VS2, excellent cut diamonds, in the absence of magnifying glass or color contrast observation, it has been very perfect, you do not even need to buy often heard 3EX, and eight heart eight arrows diamond The But if the use of investment and hedging with the function? Eric that if your budget is less than 200,000 yuan, you are looking for is "hedge" diamonds, rather than extremely rare investment diamonds, but fortunately, You have a good profit in a short time, in fact, the price of diamonds in the past few years has been steadily rising, but you need to find the diamond specifications, is the market liquidity of the strong 4C combination, if the diamond specifications too There is no market, it can not talk about the value of the British Diamond has this data,van cleef arpels alhambra ring replica you can recommend some of the customer liquidity, or more and more popular diamond specifications, so that customers can easily change hands in the future.

Ring since ancient times has a strong symbolic meaning, the ring is the happiest expectation of a woman's life. Look at the following sections of the magnificent ring it, with the ring, have their own happiness!

A type of ... ... expensive replica van cleef arpels Perlee clover ring of the people, things to the last minute, a certain kind of love and take love. One has the opportunity to fall in love, to abandon friends and relatives, such as spacious, verbal though friendship, but at that time, can not guarantee betrayal long friendship.

B-type ..... choose a small diamond replica vancleefarpels vintage alhambra ring , honest and reasonable, do not want to hurt their friends and relatives, but easy for the love of trapped, easy to trap network. If you encounter triangular problems, will uphold the distress, struggling, and finally willing to do love slaves, choose love.

C type ..... choose the big ring of people, is the self-center, I only respect type. Good jealousy, love for relatives and friends, no luck and blessing of the amount of elegant, but put their love and marriage on the friendship. So if you encounter people like, no matter who is dating, according to attack is not wrong.

D-type ..... choose fine replica van cleef arpels Sweet Alhambra ring of people, rich and considerate of the heart, everywhere for others to think. Is their own love, still cherish friendship; reason, not easy action, in good faith communication, to resolve the triangle problem.