The Yentas registered for a fantastic guest blogger and lucky us, we received one! Her name is Dana Ostomel and she’s the creator of Deposit a Gift, an online cash registry that allows couples flexibility in gifts for all occasions! Dana is the queen of gifting ideas, and we wanted to know all about how to register for keeping van cleef arpels alhambra necklace replicathe romance alive after the wedding dust settles. She gives us plenty of ideas and reasons to be excited for marriage after the wedding. Engaged couples are falling in love with the growing trend of registering for experiences instead of traditional household items because, simply put, memories will always outlast stuff. A honeymoon registry is the obvious choice and a fantastic way to kick off your married life, but what about all the days to cartier love jewelry knockoffs come when the honeymoon is over? It’s common for couples coming down from their wedding high to struggle with the first year when the to-do list is gone and so is all the attention. Remember, your wedding is just the first in a lifetime of shared memories together – it truly is just the starting line, not the end of the party. Every successful relationship needs TLC, and your first year of marriage can really set the tone for that. A newlywed activity registry is a great way to keep the spice alive during the first year of marriage and create the kinds of memories daydreams are made of. It is also an opportunity to refocus all of that attention you were getting cartier love ring replicafrom the outside world onto each other. One of my favorite ideas is creating a registry of fun date nights for your first year of marriage. What guest doesn’t want to be responsible for romantic new experiences that you’ll never forget?