In today's wedding ceremony, new people have to exchange wedding ring, but many people do not understand why marriage wear a diamond ring? In fact, it is because the diamond in the hearts of people have a good meaning. But many people on the wedding replica van cleef arpels Sweet Alhambra bracelet in the meaning of diamonds do not understand, so today this article for everyone to introduce the meaning of marriage diamond ring. (1) on behalf of loyal love diamond on behalf of love originated in the twentieth century, saying that in 1939, due to economic downturn, De Beers in order to impress the world's diamonds demand, played the "Adiamondisforever" classic slogan , The 20th century called the classic advertising language across a century, touched countless indulge in love in the couple, and let them look forward to the eternal love. People began to accustomed to the 60th anniversary of marriage called diamond marriage, strong, solemn, happy. (B) on behalf of the infinite rights of people with the ancient Greek Adamant as the etymology for its name is replica van cleef Alhambra bracelet Diamond, meaning hard and inviolable material. As the diamond is extremely hard, people see the diamond as a sign of extraordinary ability, it is extremely strong, both indestructible, but also attack nothing. Therefore, in Europe hundreds of years ago, only the owner can wear diamonds, in order to symbolize the power, dignity and courage, and even that wearing diamonds can be invincible. (C) represents a thriving and developed diamond on behalf of thriving, from the star of South Africa. In 1869, the original discovery of the 83.50 kt of the South African star, laid the foundation of the South's wealth, set off a boom in South Africa, and attracted people from all over the world to find wealth in South Africa, the prosperity of South Africa An important impetus. (4) on behalf of the noble fake van cleef Alhambra bracelet quality of Luo Binwang "in the prison Yong Chan" poem shouted: "If the diamond is present, you can volunteer to answer: I can express your noble heart! Diamond Crystal clear, a symbol of pure and true, loyal and brave, quiet and comfortable. People regard diamonds as a symbol of noble quality. Alpine Yangzhi, King line only, although not to, the heart yearning for it. Second, the wedding diamond ring basic common sense (a) golden wedding ring wedding ceremony to diamond ring symbol of the tradition of love from the 16th century Europe. The first diamond engagement ring, promised as a marriage, dates back to Venice in 1503, and since then the wedding ring has become the subject of van cleef arpels Alhambra necklace knockoffs marriage. The other argument is that Maximilian, the Austrian citizen, is given the world's first engagement ring to the bride's wedding of Mary of Burgundy. (B) with a diamond wedding ring wedding ring usually has a prominent diamond, knees in his knees when the hand is the matter. Many girls are also determined by the degree of shock of the engagement ring. Wedding ceremony on the exchange, usually more elegant element of the circle. For men, it is easier to accept, but also to the usual "never take off" to provide convenience. (3) choose the right size wedding van cleef Alhambra ring knockoffs selection wedding ring, the reasonable size is very important (yes, even more than a ring face is more important). In the professional brand to buy wedding ring, you must try to wear the most appropriate size. I have a friend wedding ring is always easy to take off, often feel reduced the sincerity of marriage; more friends choose the ring is too small, the fingers Le was very beautiful. Read the above content, we all know why marriage to wear a diamond ring it? In addition, the basic knowledge of the diamond ring, we can also understand the next Oh