Recently, the United Kingdom launched the magic of 3D hard gold activities, the official WeChat and the official website together, part of the 3D hard gold craft goods 20% discount, activities caused a lot of people's attention, and even some goods on a shelves were sold out, what exactly Is hard replica Van Cleef Arpels clover Perlee braceletgold? Why is 3D hard gold so much charm?

      What is hard gold?

      Hard gold is actually the kind of gold, the use of new technology made of "hard" gold, hard gold texture than ordinary gold harder, relatively better plastic, but also can be better made into a variety of 3D modeling style The

     Hard gold is harder than ordinary gold, in the industry is also known as thousands of hard second hand Van Cleef Arpels jewelrygold, made by the new technology, in the jewelry of 0.005% by adding special metal, compared to pure gold texture harder, but also because of this, In the design of thousands of hard gold more convenient, more extensive, and more affordable, lower cost. In contrast, with the pattern, thousands of hard gold jewelry can significantly reduce the measurement of raw materials.

      Why is 3D hard replica van cleef arpels Perlee Pendant gold so much charm?

      3D hard gold is the biggest feature of three-dimensional strong, gold edge of the protruding part of the half was high brightness, and concave part of the light due to the occlusion and was dark, can produce a different visual effect of the three-dimensional, This kind of body light and light visual characteristics of 3D hard replica van cleef arpels braceletgold jewelry is also an important factor selling.

      The same is gold, a new generation of 3D hard gold in different positions using different processes, there are polished, scrub, the formation of light and dark contrast, the color of the layer is more clear, three-dimensional sense of stronger, texture also has a distinction, Some places smooth and delicate, and some places with a slight sense of matte, feel rich, people put it down, and matte gold and polishing fusion, to better show the noble texture of gold.

      Have to say that the emergence of 3D hard gold better solution to the inconvenience of pure replica Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra ringgold, wear easy to save gold ornaments so that 3D hard gold is more popular, what is hard gold believe that we already have a good understanding of grams Lai Di 3D gold surprise 8 fold limit limit, like to hurry up!