Summer jewelry store often have all kinds of silver, such jewelry cheap, strong sense of design, a young female friends love, the face of many silver, how to buy silver? What is sterling silver? 925 silver van cleef arpels clover bracelet replicaThai silver Color silver Do not worry, you want to know how to distinguish between silver small series are to help you finishing up

      First we know the sterling silver

      From the strict sense of sterling silver refers to the content of nearly 100% of the metal silver, but we all know that sterling silver is too soft, easy to deformation, and metallic luster is not strong, generally with full silver (990) or Thousands of silver (999) Do little jewelry, there are also used for bracelets or silver locks, and complex style craft silver jewelry generally used 925 silver jewelry production.

      Again, let's know the next 925 silver

      925 silver cheap Van Cleef & Arpels Magic braceletgloss is good, high hardness, to meet the mosaic, shape, fashion jewelry industry is the darling, because it is the common jewelry on the market is 925 silver, 925 silver refers to the silver content is 92.5%, such jewelry Two cases to determine its durability, the first is the surface coated with a metal coating, so that 925 silver for a long time will not turn black, but once the coating will fall off the black. The other is simply did not deal with the prime silver, no metal coating protection, it is easy to black. However, as long as the material is 925, we can still rub back with a silver cloth Oh, but 925 silver replica van cleef and arpels butterfly ringcan not be re-furnace reconstruction.

     The latest upstart - Thai silver

      In recent years, Thai silver began to fire in the market quickly, and here that Thailand silver is full-time production in Thailand 925 silver, Thailand, Thailand, Thailand 925 silver, important things that 3 times, we can Do not be misunderstood.

      Famous wind - Miao silver and Tibetan silver

      Like the folk wind friends must be familiar with Miao silver and Tibetan silver, but you know that the silver content of these two silver is very low? Miao silver only 15% of the silver content, and possession of silver has now become the name of the white bronze, in life is also a relatively easy to change the color of metal, but Miao silver, Tibetan silver jewelry is also beautiful to wear it!

      Colorful color - color silver

      Do you see someone wearing a colorful necklace, that is the color of gold material, and finally others tell you the situation is color silver replica Van Cleef Arpels long necklace? Color silver is currently more common in the market, the so-called color silver is plated outside the silver other colored material, so that jewelry presents a different beautiful color, plating things different, off, wear speed is not the same, but the general In terms of the coating will have wear or tear off the phenomenon of Oh.

      Above to introduce a few common silver, how to distinguish between silver I believe we have to understand, in the face of many styles on the market, how to buy silver replica Van Cleef Arpels earringson the need for their own preferences to choose. Here need to pay attention to that, because the silver itself is easy to vulcanize the characteristics of black, long time easy to let the silver jewelry luster or even black, so everyone in the daily life to pay attention to the maintenance of Cartier love bracelet replicasilver Oh!