With the temperature rise, the sparkling 18K gold diamond pendant began to bloom out of the unique charm to attract the attention of everyone, the pendant in the human neck, in addition to the modification of the neck lines, in fact, 18K gold pendant on the modified chest is also very Big effect Oh! With the right, 18K gold pendant to modify the chest lines, so that the chest becomes beautiful, so everyone in the selection of diamond replica Van Cleef Arpels butterfly bracelet need to choose according to your own chest characteristics Oh!

      I believe we all know that 18K gold diamond pendant with the neck with the principle of the neck thicker people suitable for larger 18K gold diamond pendant, the neck is relatively short female is the best choice to use some big open clothes Collar and slender 18K gold replica van cleef arpels alhambra necklacewith some small pendants to stretch the length of the neck, so that the neck becomes slender and beautiful.

      Diamond pendant on the chest and line modification is actually very simple, as long as the master of jewelry with the same skills can cover their own chest defects.

      Chest full of women can choose a larger diamond pendant elements, large elements of diamond pendants can make the fullness of the chest to become harmonious, but also to highlight the sexy features. For the chest more full of female friends, in the choice of 18K gold pendant, no matter how to choose their own good. Wearing a short 18K gold diamond replica Van Cleef Arpels clover Perlée bracelet  can add noble temperament, wearing more weight 18K gold pendant, there will be no sense of breast fall. No matter which one is their beautiful choice, can play the role of icing on the cake.

      The smaller women in the chest, the choice of diamond pendants can choose some of the elements of small and delicate 18K gold diamond pendant, but the pendant should not be too long, so that everyone's eyes were attracted by the neck, and thus not Will see the chest of the defect. If you wear too long 18K gold diamond second hand Van Cleef Arpels bracelet, it will stretch the length of the chest, so that the chest appears smaller.

      Diamond pendant is mainly connected to the chest and head, the appropriate 18K gold diamond pendant can be a good modification of the chest lines, filling the charm of women, so we choose 18K gold diamond pendant in accordance with their own chest features to choose.