I still remember those years past, there are sweet, there is also a quarrel again, break up, but these are no longer important, even experienced so much regret and dismay, even if the love had hurt, but for him for Love I am willing to choose to believe that I want to marry me that he can first and I carry out a romantic love trip, in the ocean of love in the same boat, cheap van cleef arpels ring copy together to play some difficulties and challenges, together with the struggle to suffer or enjoy each other, mutual Take care of. And then usher in my dream of marriage.
      I dreamed of countless dreams about his offer to me, the dream of his proposal in a variety of ways, so I am happy to make me worry, because I just want one.
    When a sunset is about to fall, I stand behind a snow-capped mountain, in front of the lake where he came from afar, in order to find my missing footprint and after untold hardships, van cleef arpels jewelry replica he looked tired but spirited, he was slow Slowly came from behind to hold my body, his eyes full of drunk like gentle, looking at my eyes, took my hand toward the blue lake, shore docked a boat, he did not Paddle, so our boat in the lake free wandering, like the sky flying birds, our hearts floating, completely immersed in this beautiful scenery. He held my hand and said: to the snow-capped mountains as a card to the lake for the heart, best replica van cleef arpels jewelryI use my life to assure you that my love loyalty, your love never betray, a man can only buy a ID card life Ring of the ring is my promise to you, I hope you marry this has a lofty ideals of my ideal of my life with you, from beginning to end about this oath. He held me, I looked at the lake in the snow-capped mountains of the reflection more and more dark, see him cry, see his most sincere heart. I nodded, happy tears streaming down.
      But the way to marry him is not only such a can move me, I still think about what kind of marriage proposal can attract me to touch me, let me tears let me jump. Probably he stood in front of me for me to read his love poems written to me,vancleef arpels bracelet replica even if I have heard tired, he has been tireless, and sometimes find someone who can love their own is not easy, but also care about what to marry The way, are the most romantic memories.